Grace given to minister: Drs. Richard & Cornel Venema

Dr. Richard Venema d. November 30, 2014 “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the Death of His Saints. ” Good read.

Glenda Faye Mathes

It seems ironic that Dr. Cornel Venema has spent many years involved in academia and serves as a seminary president when a memory from his childhood he and his father share was that when he began his education, he hated school.

“I recall that when he started school,” says Dr. Richard Venema, “he evidently walked to his school the second day, but did not go in. Instead he walked home again.”

Cornel’s first days of formal education were while the family lived in New Zealand, and the first school he attended was in Dunedin.

“I hated it so much that at first I would often come walking home,” he explains, “only to be sent back to school with a scolding from ‘mum’ and a pack of chewing gum.” [A holdover in speech patterns from his youth in New Zealand is his continued British English reference to his mother.]

The childhood…

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